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Particle pool - problem with reseting position


I'm using Sparticles for my rpg game for android/ios and it's working great :) During the development i decided that i have to use particle pool to limit mamory allocations. So i've created object pool where i'm keeping once used particles and i'm reusing them when i have to display it again. It works fine for explosions or some other time limited obejcts.

The problem is when i want to reuse effects like meteor that have a tail that is following main object. When i'm adding it again on the screen then the part of the tail is appearing on the screen in it's previous location. I tried to use ParticleGroupAnimator.resetTime() function but it didn't helped.

My question: how can i reset position of the particles inside a particle group?

I've managed to find a workaround for this: I'm placing those effects under a ground and wait until tail is reaching main object. Then removing it from the screen. But it's not very effective :)


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Krzysztof Drygas 2015-03-02

Thank you so much for the replay. It's working great now.

Liao Cheng 2015-01-31

You can set subMesh.animatorSubGeometry.previousTime to Number.NEGATIVE_INFINITY:
for each (var subMesh:SubMesh in mesh.subMeshes)
subMesh.animatorSubGeometry.previousTime = Number.NEGATIVE_INFINITY;


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