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Which game engine?

Okay, so Ive been having some trouble deciding which game engine I should go with. I have experience with unity but I heard theres no modding support on that, the problem with CryEngine and UDK is they take a large sum of the money that you make and source only lets you sell on steam (it might also take some money, Im not sure). Correct me if Im wrong about unity by the way. With that in mind (so mod-ability, cost and platforms) which engine should I use?


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why udk? UE 4 price is only 20$ and it really awesome. I can say it 1000 times better then UDK.

Also CryEngine price is 9.90$ and no royality

UE price is 20$ + montly subscribe. But u can cancel subscribe and use UE u just will not recive updates. UE royality fee is 5%. That means: If your game makes $10 on the App Store, Apple may pay you $7, but you'd pay Epic $0.50 (5% of $10).

Unity full license is 1500$ or 75$ per month. Also without pro u can create only very simple games. And 1500$ for each platform Android, IOS etc... But have no royality fee.

My point is:

Unity just tresh if u not using it for WEB.

I choose UE4 because theyr editor is awesome, simple

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What engine you choose depends on your goals. Are you looking to make games quick and dirty that look generic or are you thinking long term?

As for me I use the C4 Engine. You pay one price, get free upgrades forever and do not have to pay any royalties. The code is C++, is open to licensees, no code is hidden and you can ship the world editor with your games. The guy that wrote the engine is highly qualified and answers engine related questions in the forum, within a few hours or same day. It is the best service I have seen anywhere.

I messed around with the free version of Unity (didn't like the way you're limited to their scripting and still don't like their crass commercialism). Bought Leadwerks several years ago (couldn't do much with it and the service wasn't great at the time). I tried UDK (free to start, but very expensive terms later on, script only and you need a very powerful rig to run their editors, I assume Cry is the same). After that I found C4 and bought it initially because I liked their API and I've stuck with them ever since.

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