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Follow Behavior on mobile device

Hello Again!

It's been a long time but I've finally come back to Sparticle for an Augmented Reality project I'm currently working on and I'm here because I need help solving this little problem I have. 

The Follow Behavior is only working correctly on desktop, once I run it on a mobile device the sparticle effect is not visible and Flash Builder doesn't trow any errors, I'm not really sure what's happening. I made a ton of tests in order zero down what was causing the effect to become invisible and came to the conclusion that if I turn off the Follow Behavior I can actually see the effect on the mobile device but it's a shame because the Follow Behavior makes my 3D scene look so much better and I would like to keep it and make it work.

I took care of enabling "loop" in the Time Behavior and also made sure of enabling "delay", just like the instructions said. I'm not really sure what else to do, as I said I've done like a dozen tests already. I would be really grateful if you would give me any hints on how to make it work. I hope it's not a bug. Thanks for your excellent work again! The particles give a whole new depth to my scenes.



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