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WPC-ACE League Mid-Week Update

With the conclusion of the first four days of the WPC-ACE League, the league enters a mid-week break tomorrow. We bring you the updated results and standings of the current Chinese group stage. 

Following the opening ceremony on Saturday and a hectic Sunday that had three matches, WPC-ACE has concluded its first four play days with nine matches played. The matches thus far have been all 2-0 sweeps, and which suggests a relatively uneven playing field. What is interesting is that Orenda, a supposed pubstar team, swept CIS, the young upstarts of China who made a name for themselves in the Sina Cup by eliminating NewBee and Invictus Gaming.

In spite of this, Orenda still fell to DreamTime 2-0, yet another up and coming team in the Chinese scene. The biggest upset could be attributed, however, to TongFu.WanZhou then going on to sweep DreamTime. Remember that this TongFu.WanZhou squad are the same team that went through the previous iteration of the WPC-ACE League without a single win, going 0-36 throughout the entire competition. 

The South East Asian powerhouse Titan played their first two matches today, and will continue to play all their matches over the course of the week. They handily won against CIS, but Orenda managed to put up a good fight and registered the first draw of the tournament. We have been informed that Titan is only contracted to be on LAN for this week, thus explaining their fervent activity in the next few days. As it stands, it is likely that they will also not be playing against Orange on LAN in Shanghai, instead playing that match on the South East Asian servers.

BeyondTheSummit has been and will continue to provide the English cast. You can purchase the DotaTV ticket on the Dota 2 store for $9.99.

WPC-ACE still has the highest base prize pool among all the third-party tournaments. $245,000 is at stake, with a very hefty $161,000 going to the Champion. Last year's champion, team DK, is among the favorites heading into the tournament.

If you want to get more hyped about this tournament, feel free to read our pre-WPC interview with LaNm


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