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Could I wrap c++ library to Adobe Air native extension for mobile IOS/Android

Can I wrap a C++ library to Adobe Air native extension IOS/Android?

I have a C++ library that was written by third party. I want to use that library for an adobe air native extension for mobile? Will I be able to do it. If so, where can I find some guidelines?

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2014-08-25     0 Comments


I'll attempt to answer the Android part of the question.

I haven't seen it spelled out explicitly in the Adobe Air documentation that this is possible, but in the Adobe Help docs for Adobe Air, section Packaging a native extension: Building the native library, it says:

Android native libraries: When you use the Android NDK, provide a shared library with a filename as follows (etc)

The NDK as you may know lets you to implement parts of your Android app using native-code languages including C++.

I take it this reference in the docs means it's possible. As a starting point, I'd get familiar with the details of the NDK.

While this is not a detailed guideline on how to proceeed, I hope it provides a pointer in the right direction.

2014-07-18     0 Comments



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