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Flash museum interactive- how do I get the SWF to auto return to first page?

I posted the below question in the InDesign section as I'm using INDD to generate the SWF file to run in Flash. Nobody in InDesign has addressed. I'm wondering if I'm able to get the timeout function I'm looking for to work in an InDesign-generated SWF file or MUST I bring this into Flash.


I'm fairly new to Flash for Indd , but been using Indd for years. I have a SWF I've built, a simple page flip interactive Based on multistage objects and buttons. The doc is three pages. The first is the "attract screen" that invites users to it and gives a little information. It's the page I want the SWF to return to after 3 minutes of inactivity on page 2-3. Page two and three have the multistate objects and all the content of the interactive.


I'm having trouble figuring out how to have the SWF return to page one on its own.


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While someone might have better info to offer, it less likely to find someone in this forum who knows how to use InDesign such that you could make the SWF self-managing.  It would be easier to do using Flash (at least for denizens of this forum), but in any case you cannot edit an SWF using Flash.  It might be possible to load your file into another SWF and control it from that file if the workings of the loaded file were known such that they could be targeted.

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