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Photoshop Image Navigation Tips, Tricks And Shortcuts

In the previous tutorial, we covered the basics of navigating around our images in Photoshop, from zooming in and out with the Zoom Tool and scrolling with the Hand Tool to a look at some important options under the View menu for quickly fitting an image entirely on screen or jumping instantly to the 100% view size. In this tutorial, we’ll take things up a notch by learning some time-saving tips and shortcuts that will have you navigating your images like the pros!

As with the previous tutorial, I’ll be using Photoshop CS6, but this tutorial is also fully compatible with Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud).

Download our tutorials as print-ready PDFs! Learning Photoshop has never been easier!

Here’s the image I have open on my screen (male portrait photo from Shutterstock):

Image #80071024 licensed from Shutterstock by Photoshop

An image open in Photoshop CS6.

For the sake of completion and as a refresher, the essential keyboard shortcuts we learned about in the Image Navigation Essentials tutorial are included again here, but along with them, you’ll also find brand new, lesser-known navigation tips and tricks. Let’s get started!

Zoom In And Out From The Keyboard

To zoom in towards the center of an image, on a Windows PC, press Ctrl + plus sign (+). On a Mac, pressCommand + plus sign (+). Press the shortcut repeatedly to zoom in incrementally.
To zoom out from the center of an image, on a Windows PC, press Ctrl + minus sign (-). On a Mac, pressCommand + minus sign (-). Press the shortcut repeatedly to zoom out incrementally.

Fit on Screen

To quickly jump to whichever zoom level is needed to fit the entire image on screen, press Ctrl+0 (Win) /Command+0 (Mac).

An image set to the Fit on Screen view mode in Photoshop. Image © 2014 Steve Patterson, Photoshop

Press Ctrl+0 (Win) / Command+0 (Mac) to fit the image and center it on screen.

100% View

To instantly jump to the 100% zoom level for the most accurate view of the pixels in your image, press You must Sign up as a member of Effecthub to view the content.

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