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How to convert a .mp4 video to .ogv?



In addition to using Edge Animate I also have After Effects and the Adobe Media Encoder.


Does anyone know how to convert a .mp4 video that I created and exported from After Effects to the .ogv format?


Sadly, it looks like I need the .ogv format to get my Animate preso to play in Firefox. Videos embedded into Animate with .mp4 play great on everything except Firefox; Animate docs suggest generating a second HTML5 compliant video type and importing it into Edge Animate....


Thanks in advance,


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To convert MP4 video, here you could use the DRmare Media Converter for Mac. This tool can help you convert videos to any other video formats wiht lossless quality. Then you can stream them to other devices or platforms for watching or using.

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You can use some online video converts (zamzar, onlinconverter, etc.) or some offline converter(VLC, Joyoshare Video Converter,HandBake etc.) to convert MP4 to OGV

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I use iDealshare VideoGo to convert .mp4 to ogv or convert ogv to mp4.

In fact, it can convert between various video and audio formats.

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I use Avdshare Video Converter to batch convert OGV to other video or audio formats.
It also helps to convert video like MP4 to OGV, OGG format.
It even can directly play or edit OGV video.
You may get it here

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Use HD Video Converter Factory Pro  to convert MP4 to more formats that supported by Adobe Media Encoder . 

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I just found out a step by step guide on how to convert MP4 to OGV.

Hope it will help you more or less.

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I use this 



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Unfortunately, Adobe Media Encoder doesn't have native support for ogg/theora or ogg/vorbis. However, you can install a (currently beta) plug-in on your system which will enable ogg encoding in AME:


fnordware/AdobeOgg · GitHub


Or, if you'd rather, you can also install the Firefox extension Firefogg, and encode to ogv directly from Firefox:


Firefogg - video and audio encoding for Firefox


I've had excellent results using both of the above methods.

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