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How to Whiten Yellow Teeth in Photoshop?

Getting the best results for your model can make all the difference, and making sure that teeth appear white while retaining that natural look can be challenging, but by following these tutorial steps you can whiten yellow teeth in Photoshop in no time.

How to whiten teeth in photoshop

1: Make sure other corrections are done before applying teeth whitening

Original teeth image

It’s important to ensure that you have applied all edits, such as contrastlevelscolour and saturation before you start the teeth whitening edits.

Curves, hue-saturation and brightness-contrast

After applied curves, hue/seturation and brightness/contrast

2. Duplicate the layer and select your edit

The next step is to duplicate the layer. It can be helpful to name it something like ‘teeth whitening’ or similar for reference. Once this is done, you can select the area you want to edit – in this case, the teeth.

Duplicate the layer

3. Using The Pen Tool

While there are a number of ways to approach teeth whitening, the most presice approach is to use the Pen Tool, which you can bring up by simply pressing ‘p’ or selecting from the left hand tool bar. The Pen Tool will allow you to create paths around the area, in this case the teeth that you want to edit.

Select pen tool in Keyboard

Select pen tool in tool bar

4.Using Paths

Before you start, make sure you have ‘paths’ selected (found in the top left hand corner).

Paths select

You can then simply click to set the path points around the teeth, making sure that you click and hold, then move up or down to adjust curves as necessary. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as you have all the teeth outlined. Learn 5 uses of clipping path to get the idea about some ways to apply the paths technique.

Drawn Path around the teeths

5. Selecting and Feathering

Once you have your outline, right click and ‘make selection’. It can be useful to feather (the 1 pixel setting will be enough) just to smooth out the edges. Then, simply copy and paste the selection, where you can start adjusting the hues and tone as preferred.

Make selection and feather

6. Whitening the teeth

Once back in standard mode with your selection active, you can adjust the hues and tone of the teeth by setting the hue/saturation to yellow, value around 80, in the main menu (Image – Adjustments – Hue/Saturation). Use the dodge tool, and set range to midtones and exposure to around 15%. You can then use a large brush that covers your selection to make teeth look whiter.

Whitening teeth by Hue saturation

After whiten the teeth area


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Easy Cps Test 2021-08-30

Good tutorial

kons 2021-08-30

thanks you helped me a lot

Path Edits 2021-08-16

This article requires updating since its pictures are not visible.

Ryan Chapman 2019-01-28

It's an easy way to make whitening teeth. Thanks for sharing your great efforts.

clippingpathnyc 2018-12-15

Great tutorial

nikita.barreraxwvs 2015-10-27

Thx 4 sharing.

Jessica Lillis 2015-05-26

Useful post

anupcpo1 2015-04-26

good work. It also can much better.


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