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3D Canvas pro vs AC3D

I need a 3d art program so that I can make characters weapons items ect stuff like that and im not shure which to get I have vista which one should I get?


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I have a similar question about 3DCP vs. AC3D .... I've been using the AC3D demo for a little while now and I love how easy it is - specifically texturing models. I've been using an old version of Maya for most of my 3D modeling but it's way too complicated for me to use effectively/quickly. (also it doesn't have enough support for exporting file types to use in FPSC, and darkBASIC, etc.)

Now I'm thinking I need something that will help me create animations, so I'm thinking of getting 3DCP. Is it as easy to use as AC3D? I just need something I can wrap my head around quickly. (when I say "wrap my head around", I don't mean I need to master it quickly, I just want a user interface that's intuitive - I'm already familiar with basic/intermediate 3D modeling in general)

It seems weird to me that AC3D is more expensive than 3DCP, and yet you can animate with 3DCP. I'm wondering why that is - what else are you giving up/gaining when using 3DCP?

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I have not really tried other modeling programs, but I have been using 3D Canvas Pro for a few years now and it has been everything I need model creation. It is fairly cheap and easy to use, so I would recommend it, but there are alot of other modeling programs, some of which are free, so you may want to check out this thread which lists most of them.

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