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Evil Geniuses are your Summit champions

The Summit LAN in Los Angeles, California has come to an end after an exciting best-of-five match. EG stands victorious over the heavily favored Team DK as they battled their way up from loser's bracket, overcoming VG to secure a spot in the grand finals and eventually win against the Chinese dream team.

The fourth and final day of The Summit LAN was by far the longest, but most rewarding day. After a disappointing groupstage performance EG battled their way through the loser's bracket on day 3 leaving only Vici Gaming standing in their path to the grand finals.

EG took an early lead against VG, drafting a ganking lineup that included Mirana, Wisp and Phantom Assassin. The flavor of the match, however, was Treant Protector. Both teams won a game when their draft included Treant Protector. The pushing power from EG's Enigma and Tinker combo in game three, proved to be too much for Vici. EG adopted the Chineese push strategy, made it their own and gave Vici a taste of their own medicine.  

After a hard fought series against Vici Gaming, the Boys in Blue found themselves up against the Beasts from The East, the highly dominant Team DK.  EG started off game one with a very experimental team composition, drafting Jakiro, Abbadon, Dragon Knight, Venomancer and Natures Prophet.  DK was not amused by EG's shenanigans, drafting Doom Bringer, one of their favorite heroes, and quickly tossed the young North American team aside.

The two teams pit similar strategies against one another, often trading lineups from draft to draft. EG picked up their first win in game 2 with a Lycan Arteezy and lost the third match to a Lycanthrope played by Burning. EG managed to snag two of their favorite heros, this tournament, out of the 4th and 5th game drafts, Arteezy's Phantom Assassin and Zai's Enigma. EG and their powerful pushing strategy combined with Enigma's blackhole, proved to be an unsolvable problem for Team DK, as EG closed out the series on a 3-2 run. EG came all the way from the bottom, fighting their way to the top to become chamipons of The Summit. 

The prize pool for The Summit has now reached around $100,000, with $30,000 being used for traveling expenses. Each team will get a part of the cash prize pool, with the champion getting 45% of it.

For more information on The Summit, check out our coverage page here.

Check out our Wiki page on The Summit here.


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