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How to manipulate 2d image as different objects in game

Hello Im very new to this so I don't even know what this process is called exactly. Im posting image of flappy bird here in which it consist all the objects day, night, birds, font etc. Please refer to attach picture. So how to use them in 2D game? this is just example i have used. How to manipulate different objects at different coordinates ? Thanks.



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You could be more precise with your question 

software/language you are using

to get correct answer.

Textures (sprite sheets) can be applied to any objects is created based off that texture. 

If you look at the texture for any of the other objects you can see their unique x,y and to use a specific space on the texture to apply on object. 

In general you define 

texture size - 1024x1024 and starting point (0,0)

and then move by X and Y to get the right one.


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google starling textureAtlas

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