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disound submitted at 2013-09-04 00:00:00

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About DragonBones

DragonBones: The Open Source 2D skeleton animation solution for Flash!

DragonBones: The Open Source 2D skeleton animation solution for Flash!


Template/Samples: Demo projects show how to use DragonBones.

Download Template/Samples


  • Andy

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you for creating a wonderful software.
    I have some doubts about if I can create some skeletal animation using DragonBones Pro 4.3 for commercial use in some games I will create.

    Besides, I am looking for the runtime Javascript for this version. Unfortunately, I have found only this link I have tried to make it works using these scripts, but I did not get it. I think the scripts are not compatible with the new skeleton and texture json. It would be nice if you can provide me some samples scripts for make the animation works in Javascript. For the moment, I need basic commands like: start, restart, stop, loop, goto, select animation and events.

    I hope you can help me
    Best regards

  • Siyu

    I use Mac version, but cannot open the welcome page, and cannot open any project. Do you have any solution about this?

  • Kumiko Yamane


    I cannot install the dragon bones design panel extension to Flash CC 2015.
    It says something like "Adobe Flash Player 11 is required to continue…".

    I am using:

    Mac Book Pro (13 inch mid 2012)
    Mac OS X 10.10.5
    Flash CC 2015 Build

    Could you please help me out here?



  • Kaari


    We are currently using Dragon Bones Flash Design Panel V3.0.0 with Flash CC 2015 and it is no longer exporting color transformations or alpha to the .xml file. Please fix!

  • monalisir

    关于老版本内存泄漏问题 由于项目采用老版本dragonbones-refactor分支代码,在使用的过程中发现,ArmatureNode在使用完成后,并未释放内存,包括分支代码中的性能测试代码与Demo代码,此前已经在官方QQ群提及过,但至今未得到回复,还请社区能帮忙解决一下,以期我方项目能顺利进行,谢谢。 测试环境为:IPhone6 真机测试,在性能测试中增加armatureNode与减少到致使内存泄漏。

  • Christopher Roberson

    My company is moving forward with using DragonBones for handling character animations for our product. Our main front end developer is having a little difficulty working with DB 4.1, and I was wondering if either you, or someone you could recommend could be hired to do a bit of custom development for us. Please let me know, thanks!

  • Joseph

    Hey I wanted to see if you had any information regarding Dragonbones being flagged as a security risk by Symantec Endpoint Protection and Microsoft Endpoint Protection. I work at a university and one of our professors requested we install Dragonbones. When I check VirusTotal, it looks like most other programs clear Dragonbones.



  • Shaqir Saiyed

    I want to use Dragonbones for cocos2d-x, but i am not getting enough help & support . could you please guide me or give me proper directions so i can use it in my game.

  • Jean-Denis Caron

    Hi, I opened an issue on Github, but I am not sure if you guys are actively following the activity of your Github repository. That is why I am sending you this e-mail as well.

  • Rob

    Sorry for bothering. I did a reinstall of the extension and everything is back to normal. I can use it again.

  • María Cortés

    I tryed to install these through Flash builder, is there any tutorial on how to instal these?

  • Raj

    Dear DragonBones,

    I have created a load of animations using Flash Pro for my mobile RPG game, however exporting all these animation to sprite is simply too heavy and uses up huge amount of space.

    Therefore, I would like to use dragonbones, however as you guys currently do not support Unity 5 3d, this is not ideal. However the solution is to use something like Spine 2D.

    The question is whether it is possible for me to Import my flash files into dragonbones and then export a format (possibly JSON) that will allow me to import into Spine.

    Having done some reading it does seem possible however just wondering if you can clarify this for me before I ask my animator to start looking into it.


  • peter

    how to install dragon bones to flash CC on OS X?
    the file DragonBonesDesignPanel.zxp on ios not work

  • peter

    how to install dragon bones to flash CC on ios?
    the file DragonBonesDesignPanel.zxp on ios not work

  • Mariano

    You can export an animation of dragon bones to spine?
    Thank you very much!

  • lakshmi

    I am planning to use DragonBones for my iphone game app.
    But I want to know is there any specific framework you are providing for ios development or its just the javascript library that I can use in only mobile web applications.
    Please let me know.

  • Benoit Freslon

    I found a bug on the last version of DragonBoneDesignPanel V3.0.0

    Please can you fix this bug asap.

    Thanks. DB is a great tool

  • Miguel Chavarria

    Hi, my name is Miguel. I am a recent Computer Science BS graduate but have not found a permanent position. I wanted to do some open source programming just for fun and to add to my resume. I was wondering if there was anything coding I can help in. I have never done any open source and would like to get involved. Is there anything I can do?

  • Ono


  • Emily

    Thanks for the great great product.
    I have a question about installing DragonBones to my Flash CC.
    I have downloaded the DB in my C drive. So, what next? Do i have to unzip the all 3 files? And where should i put them? Let say, my Flash is in C:Program files/Adobe.

    Looking forward for you reply.

  • Elvis

    I need help in scription of a board game called "Ware"
    on the stones of drive as I do in Dragon bones?

  • lufu

    最近在研究你们的龙骨框架,挺好的!就是你们可不可以出个 中文注释的版本,英文不太好,看起来很吃力,翻译工具毕竟不够准确,有些意思理解不到位,谢谢!

  • lyx

    从flash pro导入和刷新时有时候会卡死,需要重启dragonBones面板

  • Jeff Nevins

    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

    Any way to avoid this & use your program? Thanks.

  • mike s.

    I just wanted to thank the entire team for taking the time to keep up with dragon bones! It is an amazing library. I plan to make this my go-to for future projects to come.

  • John Kok

    I wish to scale down my assets but not proportionally. I want to scale width and height differently. But with StarlingFactory I can only give 1 scale value. How can I do this?
    Thank you.

  • John K

    Hello, I wonder how i can:

    1) Reset animation (set it back to the way it was on frame 0)
    2) Set the animation to any frame I wish (for example set it to frame 5)
    3) How do I set it to loop without calling goToAndPlay. (in order for the animation to be looped WHENever it might start)

    Thank you.. Great job there..

  • Shantanu Salvi

    Hi, I am making a game for PSP Vita. I need to know can I use dragon bones animations with C#. I am using PSM SDK for my game development. Is it possible to convert the dragonbones source to C# code. Can I port the API to C#? Regards.

  • cristina

  • 王永朝


  • drMikey

    Hi! Just wanted to show you my new game using DragonBones on iOS!


  • Donald

    I love open-source tools, I want to list DragonBones on my personal software download website( with your permission.
    And I want to buy you some beers($500) for making this great open-source software, by the way, would you mind add a "thanks to" on your home page which include:
    Video Software Download


  • Peter

    Small graphics look bad. How can I smooth the graphic?

  • Peter

    Im trying to export an image thats 100x100 but when I export its not 100x100 in the png sprite sheet.

  • Jeff Nevins

    Made it to step 9 of your tutorial. Just wondering how you set a bone as a child by dragging it. When I try, the body becomes a bone of something else & Ihave no way to undo. Thanks.

  • Nishant

    I cant build demo project of dragon bones for cocos2dx . The only instruction in the readme is to put cocos2dx in the engines subfolder. I included that in the user search path. But all the files in the xcode project are missing, do i need to add symlinks for them? Can i get detailed instructions on how to build the ios project

  • Geoff Olsen

    Unable to install in flash pro cs6.
    I have unzipped the download file and used extension manager to install the zpk file but this does not show up in the program.

    What files should be installed and in what locations.

    Thanks for your help.

  • meishijie


  • wind

    Dear DragonBones, We are using Unity to develop 2D games and meet a big problem in 2D animation. And we know that DragonBones is a great tools for Cocos2DX, could we do sth to make it suitable(readable) to UNITY?

    Thank you very much.

  • YLA


  • 一豆工作室

    Since my game is built with a 3d wrapper over dragonbones library, I would like to show my game in your showcases.

    Is that possible and how to do that?

  • Gregory

    Does DragonBones JS support Internet Explorer >= 9?

  • Sugan Naicker


    I am a developer looking for someone to assist to setup the animations (designer aspect). Is there a list of resources? Any idea what the costs would be?


    Sugan Naicker
    South Africa

  • Erik Sombroek

    Hi Guys,

    You made an awesome product!
    I was wondering if you are going to implement support for PixiJS and/or develop an export function Spine. I saw you already made a bridge to CreateJS, but in my opinion PixiJS is much more powerful.

    Kind regards,

    Erik Sombroek

  • Terapist

    Hi. im korean indie game developer.

    dragonbones is so fantastic!!!!!

    but, in starling,
    when use scalefactor,
    i'm always need export option 'texture only'

    Because a single of skeleton.xml controls a number of textures.

    please create export option 'texture only'~

  • Sebastian

    Hi, how to prevent the flipping of body in dragonbones? Although I have add a keyframe before entering the next keyframe.

  • Javier Salmona


    I want to know if dragon bones is compatible with libgdx, and if its, can you tell me where I can found some tutorials?

    I saw the demos and this is just what i need for my game.

    Best regards,

  • Jose anzola

    Hi, im developing mobile games using stencyl, and would like to know if dragonbones could be used to work together with stencyl, somehow? Thanks

  • Jim Lynch

    Hello. First let me say I think this is a great idea, application, and way of pushing adobe AIR to new limits. I really look forward to using it with starling. I am looking at the actionscript classes, I see only embedding the images. Where is the xml/json in all of this? For example, I am looking at the file: straight from the dragonbones download package. When I looked for the things imported I see only this:

    [Embed(source = "../assets/DragonWithClothes.png", mimeType = "application/octet-stream")]
    public static const ResourcesData:Class;

    [Embed(source = "../assets/starling.png")]
    private static const starlingImg:Class;

    Ok, sure, you import the spritesheets. But where are the xml or json files? I have looked through all of the actionscript examples, and there is no mention of the xml/json anywhere to be found! This is rather strange, especially since exporting from flash pro produces 2 xml files, not one. I am used to the standard starling method: embed and create XML, embed and create spritesheet texture, use the two to make a texture atlas. It seems like you have a different way of doing it, and I am just not following.

  • Mohamed

    Salam, Peace

    Brothers, can U tell me how to created Software Skin or theme ?

    can U give me Skin of Theme of software Please ?

    Thanks, salam

  • Mike

    I tried to download Dragonbones and my extension manager indicates I need Flash 11. I have Adobe Flash CC. What do I need to do to install it. I am on a Mac.

  • Arlen

    你好,请教,为什么在手机用DragonBones,即使不播放任何动画.10帖速左右也只能支持到30个动画左右,30帧只能有7张.这里面程式是不是做得不够好. 我有个建议,能不能在程式里利用骨骼动画生成sprite sheet,播放sprite sheet就好.我想手机在渲染动画方面可能比较吃力.

  • Konstantine

    Hi! How to reproduce the coordinates from skeleton.xml? I set the coordinates exactly as described in the xml, but the location of parts of the animation is not correct. I used the right-hand coordinate system.

  • Jason K

    你好,打扰了,我现在在使用dragonbones和starling的框架,希望能改变部件的颜色,在查阅大量资料和自己研究后,发现网上有说使用armatrue里colortransform的,但我发现现在的版本中armatrue中只有import flash.geom.ColorTransform但代码中毫无使用到,是已经删除了吗?我又在bone里找到了updateColor的方法,但是这又是一个私有方法,无法调用。而直接更改display的color也没有效果。所以想问一下,一般在dragonbones中现在是怎么处理颜色这部分的问题的?非常感谢你花时间阅读这份邮件,期待您的答复。 Jason K

  • VHwy


  • zhenliang.sun

    hello dragonbones team. 我是来自北京的一个as开发人员。有个建议想提一下。1.对于一个刚接触dragonbones的人来讲。 我需要一个中文API。2.对于dragonbones的生态圈。 我感觉对starling的支持比较多。但是。并不是每一个团队都在用starling去开发页游,手游,绝大部分的团队都是自己封装一套framework,自己去做的。换言之,目前很大一部分团队还是在用传统的显示列表变成方式去写页游,手游。 所以 希望对于传统列表的资料能更多一些。如果我有什么更好的想法。 我会继续与你们进行沟通的,奇大你们的答复

  • young



    你好,我已经在flash Pro cs6上安装了DragonBonesDesignPanel.zxp,并且在Extension Manager里面能清楚的看到这个插件。但是在flash里面找不到这个面板!在“窗口--其它面板”下面也没有!请问是怎么回事?

  • Luke


  • Wu


  • muthusamy

    hi team
    1. I tried dragon bone exported png and xml, this files not synchronize with plist,
    2. How to get plist from exported xml and png.
    3. How to use dragon bone in cocos2dx

    Thanks & Regards
    Muthusamy bose

  • Weican Wang


  • David Komer

    found small typo on docs: "instrances" should be "instances" on line 30 of

  • Eric Cao

    When package the animation data in FlashCS, could you use raw as3 object instead of xml。Currently, the parse process of xml is too slow, especially in mobile phone. According of my experience , there would be a great performance promotion。

  • Christian Meister

    Thanks for this great product!

  • DVendy

    Please make it for Libgdx., :D

  • brandon

    Good afternoon, I just watched your presentation at Adobe Max and am wondering if dragon bones works with lua, if so may I be directed to documentation laying out the process in more detail? Thanks!


    There is a typo in the following. The word "resource" in the "Amazing Performance" section is spelled incorrectly:

    ".... powered by Dragonbones can help you save lots of resoruce and memory consumption and boost the peformance!"

  • Dale Darling

    Great tool! Looking forward to working with the DragonBones team!

  • Syid Massiah

    You guys have an awesome program

  • No Zebra

    No Zebra creates outstanding digital solutions for some of the largest companies in Denmark. We have used Dragon Bones for several large online games for DR (National Danish Broadcasting company).

  • Shawn Wood

    You guys have developed a great tool. Keep up the good work.

  • Marek Panczyk


  • 马鑫

    假如有兴趣的话,我愿意把一些使用dragonbone创建的角色给你们作showcase, 再次谢谢你们~共勉~

  • Łukasz "Cywil" Cywiński


  • Jonsi Abbott



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