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Tips: you can use Sparticle for uploading away3D effects.

Tips: you can download Sparticle for uploading effects.

Tips: The ActionScript editor is supporting Away3D, Starling, Dragonbones and Flex frameworks.

Tips: paste the web page URL then click button:)


In male horoscope if Venus is afflicted by Saturn/Rahu/Ketu ,there will be possibility of inter caste marriage . In female horoscope ,Jupiter afflicted by Saturn/Rahu/Ketu indicates outer caste marriage. Aspect of Rahu on the 7th house and its lord. Aspect of malefic planets on the 7th house, its lord and Jupiter.Is it good to do inter caste marriage? How can I benefit from inter caste marriage? What is meant by inter caste marriage? Which planet is responsible for love marriage? Intercaste marriage is good like any other marriage. Only if there are strict laws and punishment, problems in intercaste or any love marriage will be solved. In Indian family setup, parents provide food, shelter and The incentive for a legal inter-caste marriage shall be Rs. 2.50 lakh per marriage. On receipt of a Pre-stamped receipt on Rs 10 Non-Judicial Stamp paper. the eligible couples would receive 1.50 lakh of the incentive amount though RTGS / NEFT to the joint bank till one gets decen


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