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Cropping Images In Adobe Camera Raw

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Written by Steve Patterson. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to crop photos non-destructively using Adobe Camera Raw. We’ll be looking specifically at Camera Raw 8, part of the newly released Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). Camera Raw 8 is also available as a free update forPhotoshop CS6 users, and while the CS6 version is missing some newer features exclusive to Photoshop CC, the steps for cropping images in Camera Raw are the same regardless of which of these two versions of Photoshop you’re using.

As we’ve learned in previous tutorials, one of Camera Raw’s main advantages over Photoshop is that it’s aparametric-based image editor, as opposed to Photoshop which is a pixel-based editor. Photoshop makes permanent changes to the pixels in an image, while Camera Raw uses nothing but a series of instructions to display a live preview on your screen of what the image currently looks like based on those instructions. When we make changes to the image using any of Camera Raw’s tools or panels, Camera Raw updates the instructions as well as the live preview. This makes working in Camera Raw both flexible and non-destructive because it gives us the freedom to go back and make any changes we want as often as we want without ever harming a single pixel in the original image. As we’re about to see, this freedom and flexibility even extends to Camera Raw’s Crop Tool so we never have to worry about losing any areas of the image we’ve cropped away.

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Where does cropping the image fit within a good editing workflow? Technically, you can crop your image at any time, especially in Camera Raw where everything we do is non-destructive. However, many people prefer to crop the photo as the first step, before worrying about setting the white balance, exposure, and so on. This way, as you’re processing the image, you can focus on the area you plan on keeping without any of the surrounding, unwanted area getting in the way.

Let’s start by opening an image. Here, I’ve used Adobe Bridge to navigate to a folder on my desktop containing a few photos. Each of these images was saved as a JPEG file, one of three file types that Camera Raw supports (Raw, JPEG and TIFF). I’ll open the first one on the left in Camera Raw. To do that, I’ll click on its image thumbnail once (in Bridge) to select and highlight it:

Adobe Bridge CC. Image © 2013 Steve Patterson, Photoshop

Selecting the image on the left in Adobe Bridge.

Then, with the image selected, I’ll click the Open in Camera Raw icon at the top of the Bridge interface:

The Open in Camera Raw icon in Adobe Bridge CC. Image © 2013 Steve Patterson, Photoshop

Clicking the Open in Camera Raw icon.

This opens the image inside the Camera Raw dialog box:

A JPEG file open in Adobe Camera Raw 8. Image © 2013 Steve Patterson, Photoshop

The Camera Raw dialog box.

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Selecting The Crop Tool

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Ryan Chapman 2019-02-17

I haven't a more idea about Corel Draw. But, i can do the same work using adobe photoshop.


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