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Tips: you can use Sparticle for uploading away3D effects.

Tips: you can download Sparticle for uploading effects.

Tips: The ActionScript editor is supporting Away3D, Starling, Dragonbones and Flex frameworks.

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How to Create a Stylish Media Player in Photoshop

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Final Image Preview

Let’s take a look at the image we’ll be creating. Want access to the full PSD files and downloadable copies of every tutorial, including this one? Join Psdtuts+ PLUS for just $19/month.

Step 1

Create a new document with these settings like 1a. The first layer, call it “background” and fill any color. Then Open the Blending Options and settings (1b).

Step 2

Create a new folder, call it “ipod”. In this folder, create a new layer, call it “ipod” as well. Select the Rectangle Tool (U) to draw a rectangle shape like the one below (2a). Select the Pen Tool and click on the shape. After that, create four nodes of the shape as shown. At the top line, click to make a node between two top nodes. Then correct the top line of the curve by holding “Command” down, and clicking and dragging the node upward by a little (2b). Do the same with bottom line, but downward this time(2c). Then press Command + Enter to make the selection and fill that with color (2d).

Step 3

Open the Blending Options menu for “ipod” and adjust the settings like in image 3a. Create a new layer on top, call it “light ipod”. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) to make a rectangle selection and fill it with white (3b). Then reduce the Opacity to 30% (3c).

Step 4

Create a new layer on top, call it “screen bg”. Use Round Rectangle (set Radius: 5px) to draw a shape like one below and fill it black color (4a). Then open Blending Option and setting (4b).

Step 5

Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to make the selection (5a). Press Command + J to duplicate this selection, rename the new layer “screen bg light”. Reduce the Opacity to 30% (5b). Then open the Blending Options and use the following settings (5c).

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