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How to Update Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900FD to Android 4.4.2 XXU1ANH2 [G900FDXXU1ANH2]

Have you managed to buy S5 SM-G900FD? Androidbiits brings agreat news for S5 SM-G900FD owners. G900FDXXU1ANH2 Android 4.4.2 XXU1ANH2 hasbeen released for Samsung Galaxy S5SM-G900FD. Big question is how to install G900FDXXU1ANH2? Dear reader, I amhere to help you in updating S5 SM-G900FD to Android 4.4.2 G900FDXXU1ANH2.Previously, I have posted the tutorial for updating Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900Lto Android 4.4.2 G900LKLU1ANH3. Now I am going to mention the tutorial toupdate Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900FD to Android 4.4.2 G900FDXXU1ANH2. If you arean owner of Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900FD, then you can install Android 4.4.2G900FDXXU1ANH2.

Samsung Galaxy S5 1

I am hoping that you will be able to install Android 4.4.2XXU1ANH2 [G900FDXXU1ANH2] on S5 SM-G900FD quickly without facing any difficultyafter reading the steps posted in G900FDXXU1ANH2 will bringsome improvements on S5 SM-G900FD. Well, the goods news is that soon you willbe able to root S5 SM-G900FD on Android 4.4.2 G900FDXXU1ANH2. You should notethat G900FDXXU1ANH2 is available only for S5 SM-G900FD owners. Dear reader, youmust save your documents in a safe place before updating your S5 SM-G900FD. Ifyou are not a user of S5 SM-G900FD, then you should not downloadG900FDXXU1ANH2. The new firmware update is also not available in all countries.I forgot to say that you must install S5 SM-G900FD USB driver on your personalcomputer before connecting your SM-G900FD with it.

Below are the steps using which you can install Android4.4.2 XXU1ANH2 [G900FDXXU1ANH2]. will not be responsible if S5SM-G900FD got corrupted while being updated to G900FDXXU1ANH2. SM-G900FDbattery level must be above 98% before following these steps.

How to Install Android 4.4.2 XXU1ANH2 [G900FDXXU1ANH2] onSamsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900FD

1. First, you need to download Android 4.4.2 XXU1ANH2[G900FDXXU1ANH2] on your PC.

2. Now you have to download Odin to install G900FDXXU1ANH2.

3. Now you have to put the S5 SM-G900FD into download modeusing these steps:

Turn off the S5 SM-G900FD carefully.

Press the S5 SM-G900FD volume down button and home buttonsimultaneously.

Press the S5 SM-G900FD Power button at the same time whilepressing its Home button and volume down button.

Press the S5 SM-G900FD volume up button after viewing awarning message to put it into download mode.

4. Launch Odin on your PC and connect the S5 SM-G900FD withyour PC via USB cable.

5. You can see a message in the bottom left corner of Odinafter connecting the S5 SM-G900FD with your PC.

6. Now you have to extract the ZIP file of Android 4.4.2G900FDXXU1ANH2 on your PC downloaded in STEP 1.

7. Once you have successfully extracted the ZIP file ofAndroid 4.4.2 G900FDXXU1ANH2, you have to press “AP” in Odin and choose“.tar.md5″ file.

8. Now you have to press the “Start” button in Odin afterselecting “Auto-reboot” option.

Now you need to wait until the S5 SM-G900FD is restarted.Once it is restarted, you can enjoy G900FDXXU1ANH2. In this way you can installAndroid 4.4.2 G900FDXXU1ANH2. If you are facing any problem while installingG900FDXXU1ANH2, then you can share your difficulty with me in the commentsection below.

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