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DirectX vs OpenGL on Windows


I'm porting one of my games to Windows. When I compile and run it on a Windows7 machine, it runs just fine; however, if I run it on a Windows8 machine, the entire window is black (happens in windowed and fullscreen). I tried running the same executable (compiled on Windows7) on my Windows8 machine, same result, black screen.

I am using DirectX9.

I can debug and step through, and see that the game is actually running on my Windows8 machine.

Anyone experienced this kind of thing before? Any suggestions as to a solution or plan of attack to resolve the issue?


Also, in more general terms, what should I be using for rendering on Windows? DirectX or OpenGL? If DirectX, then which version of DirectX?

If I plan on doing Windows phone; would that require DirectX11?

As you may imagine from the fact that I'm using DirectX9, I haven't done anything on Windows for some time; so any advice or info you can offer, would be a great help.


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Hey, did you make any progress on this yet?

It's a bit odd that it would work on Windows 7 but not Windows 8.


Install the DirectX SDK on the Windows machine and switch to Debug in the DirectX control panel - check for error/warning messages in the debugger output

Check the return value from all DirectX API calls (create a "verify" macro to wrap all calls in, see #define V in DXUT.h)

Make sure the video card in the Windows 8 machine actually supports the features you're using - many of the vertex formats are not widely supported

Regarding OpenGL vs DirectX... it seems to come down to personal preference. OpenGL might be preferable if you're targeting another platform that uses it.

For DirectX 9 vs 10/11 - unless you really want to support something DX9 can't do, I'd stick with it. As far as I know, there are a lot of Windows XP machines out there still that can't run DX10 or DX11.

2014-09-05     0 Comments

Chenguang Liu


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