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Public School Pre Kindergarten Programs Near Me

Public School Pre Kindergarten Programs Near Me | Kiddie Academy of Stafford

Order of scissors cutting skills

Here's an instruction that will introduce cutting skills to your preschoolers and toddlers.




Cut in a straight line

Zigzag lines

Cut into curves (circles, waves, hearts)

Right angles (squares and squares)

You can learn more about what each of the steps above is in this blog post. A free printable scissor skills checklist will be available at the end of this post.

The best scissors for beginners

i am a money saver But when it comes to choosing scissors You certainly wouldn't want to taunt a penny. I taught hundreds of kids how to cut with scissors. Trust me, the type of scissors you choose is very important.

For beginners aged 4+, scissors with blunt ends should always be used for safety reasons. Paper will be cut with scissors so make sure they have sharp blades and not too dull. Public school pre kindergarten programs near me, Most teachers, including myself, love the Fiskars brand because it is the gold standard when it comes to preschool scissors. Cheap scissors usually don't cut either, and that leads to frustration. Crayola crayons are popular among teachers, as are Fiskars scissors because of their high quality and endurance.

And if you're teaching a 3-year-old or a student is having a hard time. You can start with dough scissors with plastic blades. or training scissors with a bounce mechanism The training scissors are designed to help young children easily open and close the blades.

Pro tip: If you're buying a scissors set for a class. to choose the same color This will save you from arguing over who gets which color - you'll thank me later!

Cutting with Scissors: The Safety of Scissors

You may have seen your children own or students cut their hair with scissors Or you've heard of horror. I won't lie. Introducing scissors to your students can terrify even the most seasoned teacher. It's vital to make sure your class members understand the expectations and rules of scissors when you introduce them to their classroom. It is always better to be vigilant about the safety of your classroom.

Here are some tried-and-true scissor rules. which I have been using in my classroom for many years with great success:

Introduce scissors to your class after they are familiar with the school rules and routines. The scissors in my Pre-K classroom usually are not brought out until the school year has been going for three weeks. You will definitely have to wait until the end of the school year.

Pre kindergarten exam, Make it clear what scissors your students can cut and what they can't.

Explain that scissors can only be used when sitting in a chair.

Emphasize the importance of always pointing the blade towards the ground when holding the scissors.

How to hold scissors correctly

Do you know the scene in Bambi where he tries to stand on the ice? That's what happens when you first introduce scissors to a preschooler. If you want to teach your children Hold the scissors properly. Start by giving the child a thumbs up. Explain that when they use scissors They should always use the thumbs-up sign and point their thumbs to the sky.

Of course, saying it doesn't work for young children. They will be more successful if they use visual signs as a reminder of how they should hold the scissors. You can use a permanent marker to add eyes to the top of the thumb holes on each pair of scissors. Another trick is to wrap multicolored tape around the thumb hole to keep the kids entertained. Know where to put your thumb

To help my children remember where their fingers are on their hands, I often sing or chant "All about using scissors" to them. Dr. Jean's Scissor Snips from her album All Day Long is perfect for this purpose.

Free Scissors Skills Checklist

Yes, it's absolutely free! The scissors skill checklist can be downloaded by clicking the big green button above.

Scissors skill set for typing

This scissors skill set includes year-round thematic scissor exercises for your little ones.

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