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How do you create a button to start an animation, in Flash CS6/ActionScript 3?

I have created an animation of some Windmill Sails rotating, it is on a layer called "sails", and has an instance name of "sails". I have also created a button, which is on a layer called "button", and has an instance name of "button". I have also converted them both to a symbol (the sails are a movie clip, and the start button is a button).


What code do I need to write so that when I click the button, the animation starts playing?


Thank you for any help.


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If you are writing code in as3 here are following steps.

 1. Double click windmill movieclip and write code stop() at first frame.(by pressing F9 key you'll see actionsctipt editor)

2. Go back to main stage

3.make a new layer and name it actionscript

4.Write down following codes:.

button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, startRotation);

 function startRotation(e:MouseEvent):void 



 it will work.

if you want working .FLA file then i can help.:)

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