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Tips: you can use Sparticle for uploading away3D effects.

Tips: you can download Sparticle for uploading effects.

Tips: The ActionScript editor is supporting Away3D, Starling, Dragonbones and Flex frameworks.

Tips: paste the web page URL then click button:)


11/21/2016 Need Talents? Post jobs in EffectHub for free!
10/1/2016 Upgrade to Pro and you can download assets without coins!
5/1/2016 You can query your download records now!
2/1/2016 We add support for PSD,TGA,STL,DDS file formats.
9/1/2015 Need help? Create Task and Global Top Artists will Help You!
5/1/2015 You can set up your Team now!
2/1/2015 You can recharge your coinsnow!
12/1/2014 You can earn money from sell your works! Upload now!
10/1/2014 We have established cooperative relationship with Spine.
8/1/2014 We published the particle editor for Cocos2dx: Particle2dx!
7/1/2014 We have established cooperative relationship with Egret engine.
3/15/2014 You can upload your gaming assets to EffectHub Game Box now!
1/15/2014 Welcome to submit your entries to Sparticle Particle Effect Contest!
12/15/2013 You can subscribe RSS feed of now.
11/25/2013 You can share your 3D model assets now! we are supporting awd, 3ds, obj, dae format.
11/19/2013 You can invite your friends from social networks to join EffectHub.
11/10/2013 You can create collections and collect useful game assets in collection.
10/25/2013 You can write down your creative process after you upload your works.
10/21/2013 You can embed any works in your website now. The script is in right side of single page.
10/15/2013 Add social features for tools/frameworks.
10/8/2013 Connect tools with groups, assets and topics.
9/27/2013 Add support for tool/frameworks
9/20/2013 Add community collaboration with Fork/Branch/Rollback feature for sparticle online editor
9/17/2013 We integrated with DragonBones, you can upload PNG/SWF/ZIP format animation file to preview the awesome animations.
9/12/2013 We integrated with Sea3D, you can upload sea3d format model file to preview the awesome animations.
9/5/2013 Online Particle editor is go live! (web version of Sparticle editor)
8/28/2013 Online Flash code editor for gaming developers
8/20/2013 Online HTML5 code editor for gaming developers
8/15/2013 New UI with responsive design website available on mobile device!
7/8/2013 Go live.
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