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Tips: you can use Sparticle for uploading away3D effects.

Tips: you can download Sparticle for uploading effects.

Tips: The ActionScript editor is supporting Away3D, Starling, Dragonbones and Flex frameworks.

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This site has been providing know-how on how to open a ramen shop inexpensively for over 10 years. This site teaches the know-how of opening a ramen shop by a person who has opened 85 ramen stores by himself. When opening a ramen shop for the first time, it is most difficult to fail to open it cheaply using an unoccupied property. Even in such an unstable era of corona, the ramen shop that opened by utilizing the unoccupied property without spending money is steadily surviving. And I have used this know-how to open 87 ramen shops so far. Today, I would like to tell you "how to open a ramen shop that is hard to fail by utilizing a vacant property without spending money". [Points of this article] (1) If you use an unoccupied property, you can open it at 1/3 of the normal cost. (2) All the unoccupied properties are located! In this era, if the location is good, it will be more prosperous than near the station.


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