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4 Essential Tips for Better LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Your LinkedIn profile is not just a get-to-know-you thing but it's an overview of how you are as a professional in your industry. Your profile is a credible form of how your clients and employers screen you from a professional point of view. In this article, you will get to know all the crucial LinkedIn profile tips to make an impressive profile. 

 #1 Get Done with the Basics

The first basic step to optimize your LinkedIn profile would be to make it look more professional and likable. In order to do that, you need to optimize your profile photo and headline. Don’t forget to create your profile custom URL in your personal or business name.

Optimizing Profile Photo and Headline

Making your profile visually impressive would be the first thing to do before grabbing anything else. Your profile image should be at least 200 by 200 in size as something below than this figure will make the image look small and blurry. 

The next step would be to change your profile headline which is situated just under your name.

You should write an appropriate designation which describes your job role perfectly.

Pro Tip: you can only write 120 characters into your profile headline so choose your words wisely.

Create Custom URL for your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile URL is generated automatically so generally it will have some random number & words but you can edit it and write your name to make it easily searchable by anyone

#2 Maximising your Endorsements and Recommendations

You have to work for your praises and if you are just starting as a professional, probably you need to rub a few backs in order to get some recommendations rolling. You can start by asking your colleagues to write a sincere recommendation on your profile.

Pro Tip: Ask your contacts to add specific key skills and industry-related keywords while writing recommendations on your profile.

Endorsements are the trickiest part to handle as people generally don’t endorse unknown professionals and it's not a thing to play with. But to get an endorsement without being disingenuous, you can reach out to people you have worked in the past and remind them of the contributions you made for a certain project. 

Drafting a personalized request to share their views on those projects and asking to write comments in the form of skill endorsements could be your workaround to sincerely get an endorsement from your genuine connections.

Add Most Relevant Skills to Showcase

Mentioning just a handful of skills to your LinkedIn profile will definitely make a positive impact on your formal profile. 

You should avoid mentioning a long list of skills and would always focus on quality instead of stuffing up your LinkedIn profile with unnecessary skillsets.

Update your LinkedIn status Frequently

Sharing quality content and relevant status updates will throw your profile into the radar of your connections and will drastically increase your profile interaction with a general audience.

#3 Optimising for Search Engines

Include Keywords and Phrases in Your Headline, Summary and Job Description

Just like optimizing your blog post for relevant keywords, your profile should always have some industry-related keywords and jargon for search engines to index it with ease.

You can optimize your job title to add industry-relevant keywords. 

For eg: If you do social media marketing for a company, then your job title should mention Expert in social media marketing.

Name your Banner and Profile Image

Don’t forget google index images and what’s best if your banner and headshot image is indexed and easily findable on google.

To increase your profile visibility, you should always name your banner image and profile picture with relevant keywords to help google in quick indexing of your profile.

Create top quality inbound links to your LinkedIn profile

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in ranking a website and this fact is proved many times by marketers.

In the same way, creating backlinks to your LinkedIn profile could result in getting organic traffic to your profile and increasing its crawlability.

Start by linking your blog to your LinkedIn profile. If you are a fan of guest posting, many websites do provide at least one link in the author’s bio so that could be a great space to drop your LinkedIn profile link.

You can use the skyscraper technique to build backlinks. For instance, pick a profile in your niche with high engagement, use any decent backlink analysis tool to analyze the sites they are getting their links from. You can approach the same sites requesting them to publish your guest posts or a backlink. 

It takes time but with perseverance, you will definitely succeed in getting backlinks for your profile. 

#4 Publish long-Form Articles to LinkedIn

Check if you are approved by LinkedIn to publish Articles

Before publishing your article, the basic step would be to check if you are eligible for publishing on the network. 

If by any chance you are unable to find that, don’t worry you can easily get approved by just emailing the LinkedIn team and ask for an upgrade in order to publish fresh content on your profile.

Things to Remember Before Creating a Killer Content

Creating long-form articles is not an easy task and always requires an extreme amount of research and hard work in order to pull off a 3000-5000 word post. So before you dive into the deep sea of ideas, ensure you have drawn a basic outlay of how you will get forward in the process of writing on a certain topic.

Quality instead of quantity

Always focus on quality instead of quantity. Fewer posts with great quality content will benefit you more instead of writing short-form average quality content.

Quality content adds value to your LinkedIn profile and increases your credibility among your networks.

Include Video and Images

To make your post look attractive and connecting, adding videos, images and infographics is the best practice to follow. Adding videos and customized images is a little time-consuming task but it will increase the reach and impressions of your post hence increasing your profile visibility.

Adding video content makes it more likable and shareable.


Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional in the digital marketing world, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is essential for your growth and basically the initial procedure you must perform in order to get ahead in the marketing game.

With the above-mentioned techniques, you can optimize your profile on the basis of:

  • Visual appearance

  • Search engine crawlability and indexing

  • Visibility

  • Promotion in the form of recommendations and endorsements

By adhering to the above guidelines, you will definitely lead by making your profile more impressive hence attracting more visitors to your LinkedIn profile on a monthly basis.


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