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Best Vim Tips(3 and more)

More tips

Pulling objects onto command/search line (SUPER)

CTRL-R CTRL-W   : pull word under the cursor into a command line or search

CTRL-R CTRL-A   : pull whole word including punctuation

CTRL-R -        : pull small register

CTRL-R [0-9a-z] : pull named registers

CTRL-R %        : pull file name (also #)

Manipulating registers

map <F11> "qyy:let @q=@q."zzz"


:verbose set history : show value of history, and where set

Run file through an external program (eg php)

map <F9> :w<CR>:!php %<CR>

Inserting Carriage Returns (TODO replace with \r)

:%s/nubian/<C-V><C-M>&/g : that's what you type

:%s/nubian/<C-Q><C-M>&/g : for Win32

:%s/nubian/^M&/g         : what you'll see where ^M is ONE character

TODO move following to other CTRL-R tips

Retrieving last command line command for copy & pasting into text


Retrieving last Search Command for copy & pasting into text


Searching over multiple lines: \_ includes newline

/<!--\_p\{-}-->    : search for multiple line comments

/fred\_s*joe/i     : any whitespace including newline

/bugs\_.*bunny : bugs followed by bunny anywhere in file

:h \_              : help

More completions

<C-X><C-F> :insert name of a file in current directory

Help for help

:h visual<C-D><Tab> : obtain list of all visual help topics

                    : Then use tab to step through them

:h ctrl<C-D> : list help of all control keys

:h :r        : help for :ex command

:h CTRL-R    : normal mode

:h \r        : what's \r in a regexp

:h i_CTRL-R  : help for say <C-R> in insert mode

:h c_CTRL-R  : help for say <C-R> in command mode

:h v_CTRL-V  : visual mode

:h 'ai       : help on setting option 'autoindent'

To number the lines in the file

Try one of these

:%! nl -ba

:%!cat -n

To simply display how many lines are in the current buffer, type Ctrl-g (or g then Ctrl-g for more information).

If you want to delete multiple adjacent duplicate lines


More, unformatted tips

TODO Might delete some of these if covered in other tips.

Instead of this:

:map <F12> :set number!<CR>

try this:

map <F12> :set number!<Bar>set number?<CR>

and possibly these:

map <F11> :set hls!<Bar>set hls?<CR>

map <F10> :set paste!<Bar>set paste?<CR>

map <F9>  :set wrap!<Bar>set wrap?<CR>

to easily change (and display) the current state.

If you do not want to remove Windows key mappings, keep the line

noremap <C-kPlus> <C-A>

in your vimrc. Then you can use Ctrl-NumPad+ to increment numbers as others do with Ctrl-A.

Another very useful mapping:

noremap <C-J> gj

noremap <C-K> gk

That's really useful when dealing with long lines. It lets you use Control-J and Control-K to move up and down screen lines instead of buffer lines with j and k. Control-J isn't really mapped to anything by default, it's like hitting enter, but Control-K is something to do with digraphs. However, noremap won't remove this ability in insert mode.

Alternatively, you could use:

noremap <Up> gk

noremap <Down> gj

which would map the arrow keys to screen line movement instead of buffer line movement.

To substitute any word (say FILE) by actual filename you can use


The mappings to wrap visual selections in text clobbers a buffer. I use:

vmap s( <Esc>`>a)<Esc>`<i(<Esc> : wrap a visual selection in ()


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