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Converting AS2 to AS3? Can it be done?

First I'm not a Flash developer, I'm asking this question to help another group trouble shoot a problem. While I know this sounds dumb, I need an official answer to they can close this solution as some type of an option to solve this problem.

I was given several swfs from an elearning course in hopes that they could someone be put into Captivate and wrapped for an LMS. Apparently the Flash developer isn't able to code these files for the LMS (weird yes, but not my task in this problem) In looking at the swfs I was given they all say they were created using AS2 and of course, Captivate only supports AS3.

Short of redoing the Flash files in AS3 is there any other way to take something written Flash using AS2 and output it to a swf that is AS3?

Thanks for indulging me with your time.


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You cannot "Convert" an as2.swf to an as3.swf.


You would need to have the original .fla file that created the as2.swf and manually export it to as3.

The actionScript may need converting depending on several things. Hard to give an exact answer.

An example of something needing conversion would be as something simple as a something referenced in a function may be doing something like...

_parent.movieClipName._visible = true ;

needs to be changed to

parent.movieClipName.visible = true;

because the underscore needed in certain name references was removed in AS3.

There are too many things that could need changing to name them all.


Another approach that "may" work as a creative workaround (hack) ...

You could create a new as3.fla and export a new as3.swf that can actually

load the original as2.swf file into the new as3.swf

Then just load the new as3.swf into Captivate.


Here is a link that will help and there is an example available to download

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