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ConceptArt - 阴阳八卦图

"Hello midgoyrney, I need a Yin Yang Bagua Feng Shui diagram in the form of double fish. For the color scheme, I would like to use gradient colors to create a sense of depth and dimensionality. We can use dark red, dark purple or other similar dark shades as the main color, and add bright colors to enhance the layering effect of the painting. In terms of form, the Yin Yang Bagua should be clearly visible, while the double fish can be presented in an abstract and mysterious way to achieve a unique and artistic effect. Additionally, you may add other mysterious, imaginative, and abstract elements such as starry skies, moons, symbols, etc., to enhance the mystery and artistic value of the entire artwork. Overall, this painting should have a unique artistic style that showcases the mysteries and beauty in Eastern culture."


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